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8 maj 2022 15:01 av Celina Agon Mir

United State

I go by the Name Celina Agon Mir from Paris, currently residing here in CA Los Angeles, it's been 9 years have been working here in United State as a Nurse, I always like using Instagram to while away time for myself and I came in contact with a Chinese profile picture, the guy was really awesome and he told me he was into broker trading that I could invest little with $5,000 and within a year i will have enough to buy myself a home and a hospital, so i decided to invest but after 8 months I tri

23 april 2022 07:34 av Alisha Sharma

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27 mars 2022 10:05 av wang yongli

Behöver du ett lån???

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26 mars 2022 13:02 av Delhi escorts

Delhi escorts

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25 mars 2022 16:29 av Heather Walter


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12 mars 2022 14:12 av christopher gabriel

credit repair

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1 mars 2022 00:06 av Mills Dachin

Binary Recovery

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26 februari 2022 00:20 av Davina Claire



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Jag heter Davina Claire, jag är finanschef för Novelty Finance och du kan ansöka om ett lån hos mitt företag och ha ett lån på ditt konto inom 24 till 48 timmar.

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23 februari 2022 22:44 av Iris Winifred

The experience of losing your money to a scammer i

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20 februari 2022 15:34 av Sarah O’Brian

Ethical Hacking

Hello ! My name is Sarah O’Brian, I am a chartered accountant and mother of four from Michigan. Some time ago I decided to invest in cryptocurrency. I invested exactly $50,000 for a start with a fake broker and was made to believe that my investment had grown from my initial deposit of $50,000 to $250,700. This felt so good as the investment grew rapidly in just a few weeks. When it was time to take my profit,

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